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Sauk County is a great place to live and work, to raise a family, to own a business.


There are a lot of things we have going for us — good farmland, the natural beauty of our countryside, our vibrant and friendly communities — but the best thing is the people who live here.


All our citizens contribute to making Sauk County what it is. They do it through their businesses, through jobs that serve others, through their churches and civic organizations. They also do it through the city, township, and county governments they elect and guide.


I use the word ‘guide’ intentionally. Our community leaders and our representatives in local government need — and should want — your guidance and your input.


I’ve developed this website for two purposes.


First, I want to give you information about your county government — how it works and what it’s doing -- and about resources that are available in the county to help you.


Second, I want to give you an easy mechanism for contacting me and giving me your thoughts or asking for my help.


I'll try to keep the site updated with current information. If you'd like to hear from me when I update information on the site, fill out the Contact form and I'll put you on our mailing list.

I hope you find this site useful. Let me hear from you with your comments and questions.

County Budget

Sauk County, as a unit of government, has a lot of responsibilities -- everything from highway maintenance to public safety. Each year, the Board of Commissioners figures out how much we'll spend on all that, and where we'll get the money.


Every ten years, as required by the US Constitution, the federal government counts the entire population. Most recently, that count took place in 2020. Now, in 2021, the Board is using those numbers to decide how to divide up the county for voting.

Great Sauk State Trail

Sauk County and the townships, villages, and cities within its boundaries are working together to build a world-class recreational trail that will deliver both economic and quality-of-life benefits to all our citizens.

Three big, current issues

There are always a few things going on in Sauk County government that will have a big impact on everyone. I think it's important that all of us have an understanding of those things. Here are three that I think are important right now.

Coronavirus Vaccination Sites

Find the nearest location for a vaccination, and, if you need it, arrange a ride.

Veteran's Service Office

Serves as a liason between veterans and the benefits they may be entitled to. The CVSO are advocates and serve to assist veterans and their dependents. Office: 608-355-3260.

County Clerk

Getting married or traveling abroad…we process marriage applications and accept passport applications. We also receive results of elections in the county. Office: 608-355-3286.


Serves all Sauk County residents through property tax collection, maintaining tax and assessment records with a goal of excellent, transparent customer service. Office: 608-355-3275.

Register of Deeds

Responsible for Vital Records…Need a copy of a birth certificate, proof of marriage, or a death record. Our office is also responsible for all property information. Office: 608-355-3288.

Aging and Disability Resource Center

Assists Adults over age 60, and any adult with a disability, in navigating through available public programs. We provide resources, services, advocacy, and opportunities to support each person’s choice for independence and an enhanced quality of life. Check us out on Facebook: ADRC of Eagle Country-Sauk County. Office: (608) 355-3289.

Some useful resources

Sauk County provides many helpful services and resources to its citizens, and I'm not sure that all the really useful ones are as well-known as they should be. Here's a list of some of those. Are there others you think I should include? Contact me with your suggestions.

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